Thursday, September 20, 2018
40 times Pinkpop
Friday, 06 March 2009 00:51

40 Times Pinkpop There is a party and everyone is invited. On March 5th in Paradiso Amsterdam, the 40th edition of Pinkpop was revealed to the press. Zappix was there to congratulate the people of Pinkpop and yes. This special edition of pinkpop will be special indeed. The managed to get the biggest names. 32 out of 40 people they wanted to book for there concert will show up. On this 40th edition they wanted to have 40 bands, so they are still negotiating the others. I'm pretty sure they will be even in Belgium all over the news again when they found them. Read all about them on your favourite websites. Zappix people will make sure they will have the pictures and the writings.

Shout-out to Jan Smeets: Congratulations man, it is a ... healthy new festival with beautiful bands.


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